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Beard Growth Serum - Beard Oil & Conditioner for Men

Rogue Beard Company

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Beard Growth Serum - Beard Oil & Conditioner for Men

Get the best in beard care and beard GROWING with Rogue Beard Oil. Our proprietary all natural blend of botanicals will stimulate your beard to grow like it’s never grown before. Say goodbye to chemicals and fillers and go with the most potent blend of natural hair growth without hormones or a prescription.

ALL NATURAL BEARD GROWTH SERUM - Get faster fuller beard growth with this Rogue Beard Company special blend of follicle stimulating ingredients to make it the best beard growth support in the world for thicker facial hair naturally. Grow strong with this beard growing lotion and hair oil.

NATURAL HAIR GROWTH FASTER - Get ready for some fast acting results with this enhanced premium formula for men only with completely natural and non-hormonal ingredients. Great for all ethnicities and skin types. This special beard blend regrows hair faster that beard oil for hair growth because of the follicle encouraging ingredients. Add this beard hair boost to your daily grooming routine.  

BEST BEARD PRODUCT FOR GROWTH - Be ready to get the man beard that you’ve always wanted. GROW THE BEARD! Get your beard fuel here to the max. For maximum beard growth, be sure to apply our leave in beard growth serum daily for facial hair growth stimulating results.



Take a few drops into your palm and with your fingers, massage the oil to the base of your skin, below your beard. Make sure it’s well massaged into the skin and follicles. Use daily or more for best results.

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